Bringing War's Reality Home: Talking Fiction With Writer Helen Benedict                                                    Interview with Susan Kaplan on WGBH in Boston, 17 November 2017

“Nobody believes me”: Solitary soldiers, forgotten veterans                                                                              Nichole Bernier, The Huffington Post, 10 November 2017

Benedict to bring 'Wolf Season''s pointed gaze to Literati                                                                                 Alex Suppan, The Michigan Daily, 5 November 2017

As Weinstein Allegations Grow, Male Victims Of Sexual Abuse Speak Out                                                 Interview with Michael Martin on NPR's "All Things Considered," 15 October 2017

Dakota VanLinden Interviews Helen Benedict about Wolf Season                                                                  KMSU 89.7 in Mankato, MN, 12 October 2017

In ‘Wolf Season,’ women bear the scars of war           Steve Wieberg, The Kansas City Star, 12 October 2017

The Iraq War. Disability. Women on and off the battlefield. And Wolves! Helen Benedict talks about her extraordinary new novel, Wolf Season                  Caroline Leavittville, 11 October 2017

Interview with Helen Benedict about Wolf Season       Snowflakes in a Blizzard, October 2017

Alan Wolper Interviews Helen Benedict about The Lonely Soldier                                                 PRX/WBGO, November 2014

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Kirsten Wasson Interviews Helen Benedict about Sand Queen                                                                  Out of Bounds Radio Show, January 2012

Helen Benedict on Sand Queen                              NPR, To the Best of Our Knowledge

Untold War Stories                                                     Katie Koch, Harvard Gazette, Oct 2011

Helen Benedict in Conversation with Richard Wolinsky on Sand Queen                              Bookwaves, KPA FM in Berkeley, CA, October 2011

Radio Interview: Helen Benedict on Sand Queen        "Writing War Fiction," To The Best of Our Knowledge, October 2011

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A Polished Dream: An Interview with Helen Benedict Timothy Cahill, Art & Document: The Journal of the Center for Documentary Arts at The Sage Colleges
15 August 2011

Professor Helen Benedict and Sand Queen   BlogTalkRadio by Columbia University School of Journalism, 2011

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Helen Benedict on the Private Wars of Military Women
by Maverick Media, September 2011

"Feminists Challenge Masculinity of War"                                                                                                                  Helen Benedict and Kathleen Berry at John Jay College                                                                                Cosponsored by World Can't Wait, CodePink, and On the Issues Magazine

Helen Benedict discusses The Edge of Eden

Video Interview:                                                       Helen Benedict Discusses New Novel Sand Queen     CBS Los Angeles, Sept 2011

Video Interview:                                                       Helen Benedict Discusses The Lonely Soldier         C-Span, June 2012