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The Good Deed

Interview with Helen Benedict and Eyad Awwadawnan about Map of Hope and Sorrow on Icelandic TV. It begins on minute 13.54. May 30, 2022

Eyad Awwadawnan discusses his first impressions of Samos when he arrived as an asylum seeker.

Asmahan's Story

Hasan's Story

Evans's Story

Calvin's Story

The Hidden War of Women Soldiers

Helen Benedict was invited to Vilnius, Lithuania to give a TEDx Talk. 

The Hidden War of Women Soldiers is now available for viewing. October 2017

Life During Wartime

A panel discussion with David Abrams, Helen Benedict, Cara Hoffman, Matt Gallagher, and Dalia Sofer, hosted by The Center for Fiction, December 2017

Bringing War's Reality Home: Talking Fiction With Writer Helen Benedict

Interview with Susan Kaplan on WGBH in Boston, 17 November 2017

Helen Benedict discusses The Edge of Eden

Helen Benedict on the Private Wars of Military Women by Maverick Media, September 2011

Feminists Challenge Masculinity of War 

Helen Benedict and Kathleen Berry at John Jay College, Cosponsored by World Can't Wait, CodePink, and On the Issues Magazine

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